Ford Transit

The all-new Transit is the biggest van in the range. And with a wide choice of wheelbases, cab-styles, roof-heights, engines and more, it provides you with an extensive range of options to specify your vehicle. In short, name your business, list your requirements and you’ll find a Transit purpose-built for the job.

A long list of state-of-the-art technologies includes Ford SYNC with Emergency Assistance, Adaptive Cruise Control and Curve Control. All are there to make life easier and many of these systems work automatically, leaving you free to concentrate on more important things. Other technologies, such as Smart Regenerative Charging, also help make the all-new Transit’s powerful new engines even more fuel-efficient. As for cargo space, how much do you need? The all-new Transit has a vast maximum load area of up to 15.1m3 and the flexibility to stow items up to 4.2m long (with standard bulkhead in place). There’s also a maximum trailer plate of up to 3.5 T.

And whatever you carry, ultra-tough locks and sophisticated alarms will protect both your load and your vehicle

Ford Transit Front Exterior
Ford Transit Front Interior
Ford Transit Front Interior

Designed for purpose

Every millimetre of the all-new Transit is made to help you run your business effectively, productively and cost-efficiently. The van is more capable, tough and durable than ever. While its exterior design creates a striking, contemporary image and a profile that makes the vehicle more aerodynamic, further improving fuel economy. The interior is stylish, comfortable and car-like. But this is a Transit, so it’s also practical and built to last.

Stay connected on the move

Urban streets, motorways, town and country roads… the all-new Transit will keep you comfortable and connected wherever work takes you. A range of innovative technologies make driving and parking easier. And in your well-equipped, stowage-filled cab you can use voice control to make and take calls on the move. So while you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, you can do business on the move.

One van, Countless variations

One, two or more passengers. Medium, Long, Long Extended and Jumbo Long Extended wheelbase. High, Medium or Low Roof. Choose an all-new Transit and you can configure a van that's almost custom built for your business.

Maximised productivity. Minimised running costs

The all-new Transit has earned its reputation for capability and flexibility. Whichever wheelbase, roof height, or cab style you go for, you’re guaranteed vast cargo space and long load length. The layout of the load area is specifically designed to maximise available space. As a result there’s room for up to four Europallets across the range and up to five in the L4 (Jumbo) model. Side and rear doors are designed to make it easy to load and unload your vehicle too. And while the van’s efficiency can help your business make money, its low cost of ownership will help you save it

Enhanced pulling power and fuel economy

A range of new 2.2 litre TDCi diesel engines, with 6-speed transmissions, deliver high levels of power and torque along with exceptional fuel efficiency. Combined with technologies that include Smart Regenerative Charging, Acceleration Control and Auto-Start-Stop, Transit is built to save you fuel, lower your cost of ownership and maximise the return on your valuable investment

Tough on safety and security

From taking the stress out of hill starts to a system that can call the emergency services for you: the All-New Transit is equipped with a long list of technologies that make life easier. The vehicle also incorporates a wide range of systems that protect you from almost every eventuality and your van (and its cargo) from even the most determined thieves

Ford Transit Interior
Ford Transit Interior
Ford Transit Exterior