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Ford Ranger Edition 30

Ford Ranger Edition 30

Ford Ranger Edition 30 - Exclusive to Bridgend Ford in South Wales

The Ford Ranger has been awarded with its reputation as a go anywhere, do anything it likes machine. It proves that practicality is matched by outstanding performance and fuel efficiency, a range of experience-changing technologies and cutting-edge style.

With the ability to carry up to 1,240 Kg*, tow up to 3,500 kg* and wade through water up to 800 mm deep, the Ranger is more than capable to deal with nearly everything you throw at it. This is a vehicle you can rely on for the toughest jobs, trust to deliver an exceptional driving experience and demand on in the harshest of environments, every day.

At Bridgend Ford we didn’t want to change it, or create a new one for that matter, we wanted to redefine an already superb product and a proven market leader. Enter, the Ford Ranger Edition 30. Our development team were tasked with creating an alternative design, something that will draw attention to the driver, but for all the good reasons.

In total, we have added a mean front grille, upgraded alloy wheels, bigger tyres, tinted the rear windows with a privacy screen and removed all of the chrome finish and replaced them with black. We brought in a local sign-writing company to help us design the vehicle graphics. This adds to the impressive specification that we have all come to expect with the Limited model.

Following the Edition 30 trend, these vehicles are bespoke, no two vehicles will come out the same and you will decide on exactly what you want to have on yours.

Dream it. Build it. Drive it. - The Ford Ranger Edition 30, only from Bridgend Ford.