Why Go Electric? If you're thinking about making a change on your driveway for the first time in about 10 years, you now have more options than you would've had last time you were car shopping.

The Benefits of Buying Electric from Bridgend Ford

As EVs become more mainstream, the costs are dropping rapidly and there are a wide variety of benefits for drivers making the switch to electric. Here at Bridgend Ford, we offer a wide array of the latest electric and hybrid cars, and you can also take advantage of finance offers and business packages such as Contract Hire. We’ve Motability options too, as well as aftersales services for all Ford electric and hybrid cars.

From the environmental impact, to the savings you can make on fuel, tax and maintenance costs, electric vehicles could help you save you significant amounts of money. On a cost per mile basis a fully electric car could cost you a quarter or less of what a traditional petrol or diesel car might.

Types of Electric Vehicles Explained

Electric vehicles are all designed to offer an efficient performance and reduce emissions. There are many different types of electric vehicles, each with their own benefits and highlights including pure electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid.

    Electric Vehicles (EV) An electric vehicle operates using an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. This means they are not powered by petrol or diesel but are instead plugged into a charging point. Electric vehicles store electricity in rechargeable batteries which power the electric motor.
    Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) A hybrid vehicle has both an electric motor and an engine. The two work together in harmony to provide a powerful performance while improving overall fuel economy. A HEV is not plugged in to charge. Instead, it relies on regenerative braking to charge the battery as well as the internal combustion engine.
    Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles Plug-in hybrids are different to standard hybrid vehicles. While they still have an electric motor and a combustion engine, hybrids typically run on electric power until it runs out and then switch to the combustion engine. The battery can be recharged to deliver more electric power and reduce emissions.

    Are electric vehicles reliable?

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    Other Electric Services Got a question or need help with an electric vehicle? If you're looking for your next vehicle, our teams across the country will be happy to assist to help meet and exceed your requirements. Click on the link below to get in contact with your local retailer.