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1. What is Ford Easy Fuel?

To put it simply, Ford Easy Fuel is technology that stops forced entry and syphoning of the fuel tank.There is a spring-loaded flap that is held shut by latches that will only release when a standard size fuel nozzle tries to enter it. If a foreign size nozzle attempts to enter, the latches will not release and deny access to the fuel tank.

2. How do I pair a new mobile device?

You must first turn on your phone’s Bluetooth feature and make your phone discoverable. Then press the ‘Phone button’ to access the Phone Menu on the centre dash. Press the large OK button. ‘Add a Device’ should then appear on the display. Press the OK button once again. SYNC then prompts, "Press OK to begin pairing the device". Again, you must press OK.SYNC will then prompt, "Search for SYNC on your device and enter the PIN provided by SYNC". Press the OK button. A six-digit number will then display on the screen. You must then type the number displayed by SYNC on your phone key pad. You will then be notified that the pairing was successful.

3. How do I find out my tyre pressures?

To find out how much air pressure your tyres need, check in your owner’s manual. It can vary depending on load, speed and types of tyres. This information can also be found on the driver’s side door card.

4. Can I keep my private plate and how long does it take to swap?

Yes, you can keep your private plate. It can take between 10-14 days to transfer the private plate on to the new vehicle. This will attract a government charge of £80. More information about this service can be found here

5. What is Ford Options and how does it work?

Ford Options give you the opportunity to drive a new Ford car more often by giving you more options during your contract. There are fixed regular payments that will suit your needs along with a fixed interest rate for the duration of your loan. There is a reduced exposure to major servicing and repair bills and flexibility at the end of the agreement. You actually have a few options that you could choose from:

Option 1 – You could choose to renew your agreement and get another car. You can come to us directly to trade in your old vehicle or sell it privately. You must make sure that you settle your account.

Option 2 – You could return your car. You can walk away from the agreement by handing the car back. As long as you are within your agreed mileage and your account is up to date then there will be nothing further to pay. You could incur additional charges if you do exceed the agreed mileage or if the car does not meet the ‘fair wear and tear standards. All of this information can be found within your signed agreement.

Option 3 – You may want to own the car at the end. Now all you will need to do for this is, as long as all your payments have been made, is arrange an Optional Final Payment plus the purchase fee. Again, all of this can be found within your signed agreement.

6. Why don’t I have a spare wheel?

There are a number of reasons why vehicles do not come with a spare wheel anymore.

Reason 1: European and UK legislation is now designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions and this puts the motor industry under pressure. In order to take off any excess weight and improve a vehicles efficiency the spare wheel is removed.

Reason 2: There is also a demand for large boots and a demand for carrying more passengers. The spare wheel can be taken out of the vehicle in order to create room for the seats to be folded down and create a larger boot space.

7. What happens if I lose my key code to the radio?

If you lose the key code to your radio you must book it in to Fast Fit who will resolve the issue. No codes will be given over the phone, you must bring the vehicle in.

8. How do I tune the DAB radio?

Press the Scan button on your DAB digital radio, you can find this on your centre console. It usually takes no more than a minute for your radio to update the station list. You can then click through the found radio stations and in most cases, assign one of the numbers on the dashboard to a certain radio station.

9. How does Park Assist work?

Park Assist is the easy way to park your car. It now features on a number of vehicles in the Ford range. To use Park Assist the driver must be parallel with potential parking spaces. The driver simply presses a button on the centre dash and the system begins to activate. The sensors located on the cars will then size up available parking spots as they are passed. When a suitable spot is located by the sensors the system prompts the driver to accept parking assist. The car then begins to park.

10. What happens when my car goes into hibernation?

If your car is left for 2-3 weeks then it will go into hibernation mode. You can wake the car back up again by using the key to open the drivers side door. If you have keyless entry then you will need to open the fob for your vehicle by pressing the two buttons on the sides to release the top. Inside will be the key to open your vehicle. Once you unlock and open your vehicle with the key, your vehicle will wake up from hibernation and all features and functions will work again.

11. What is Start/Stop?

Start/Stop features on a few Ford models and is simply the vehicle brain turning off the engine when the vehicle is idle in order to save fuel. For example, if you were at a red light at a set of traffic lights, your vehicle engine would turn off. To turn it back on you must simply press down on the clutch. If the start/stop does not work it could be down to either, the engine is too cold or you are not wearing a seat belt.

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