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Greater Efficiency, Fewer Emissions

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the most cost-effective kind of motorised car or van there is, and they’re the only type of automobile that produces no harmful emissions whatsoever.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) run mainly on fuel – but can also operate over a certain distance on electricity alone; this is known as ‘electric range’ or simply ‘range’. As such, PHEVs aren’t as efficient or eco-friendly as EVs but they’re certainly the next best thing.

Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) offer a good jumping-on point for motorists used to combustion-engined cars or vans. Although an HEV runs entirely on fuel, its electric motor provides the engine with plenty of support: power boosts and instant torque, for instance. Unlike EVs and PHEVs, MHEVs are self-charging, which means that no owner input is necessary.

Do Electric Cars Need Servicing?

Every type of motorised automobile requires servicing, including electrified models. Regular servicing is essential to a car or van’s health and longevity. It enables potential issues to be detected early, thus avoiding costly repairs further down the line.

That said, EVs in particular are typically easier to maintain than regular cars. This is because a fully electric powertrain comprises fewer working parts than a combustion engine, which means it’s less likely to malfunction.

Please consult your hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric Ford vehicle owner manual for information on recommended service intervals – or contact the Bridgend Ford team for advice.

Parts and Accessories

Authentic Ford components are designed to work perfectly with all types of Ford vehicles, and they come fully warranted too.

If you require genuine manufacturer or Ford Approved parts for your hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle, there’s every likelihood we’ll have just what you need. If for any reason we’re out of stock of a particular item, we’ll have it ordered, delivered and ready for collection in no time at all.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to enhance your Ford car or van, we offer a wide range of official accessories, including upgraded/larger alloy wheels, floor mats, roof racks, tow bars and rear ladders. We stock electric-specific accessories too, such as EV charging cables and Ford Connected wall boxes.

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