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How to Buy a Used Van

In our efforts to ensure that all buyers are well informed, we have put together a little guide to help you when deciding on investing in a used van. At Bridgend Ford, we welcome you to use this guide when looking at our extensive range of used vans, including Transit Custom, Ford Ranger and Transit Connect to name but a few.


The most important thing to check on a van’s bodywork is rust. Rust is most obvious on wings, sills and below bumpers, but it can also be found under the wheel arches, around the door frame and at the corners of the windscreen. If you find rust, press on it gently. If you hear cracking sounds, there may be corrosion below.


Pushing down on every corner of the van ought to offer you some indication of the state of its shock absorbers. If the van bounces once then return to its original position, the shock absorbers ought to be fine. If you have got any issues concerning the suspension, a test drive can assist you to verify your findings.


The lights will hint at a van’s overall electrical health if they're dimming or found to be flickering. deliberate concerning getting a van if its brake lights, headlights, fog lights, indicators and interior lights don't seem to be operating properly. However, a light not working or an indicator bulb flashing fast may just be due to a perished bulb, something that is easily rectified.


Tyres are the sole area of contact between a van and road. it's for this reason that it's vital to examine the treads and sidewalls on all of the tyres successively, as well as the spare. A tread of under 1.6mm is against the law within the United Kingdom. The sidewalls of the tyres ought to be free from distress and bulges. Uneven wear suggests steering, tracking or suspension problems. Bridgend Ford will not sell a used van with less than 3mm tread, a standard higher than the RAC.

Air Conditioning

If the van has air-conditioning, it's vital to make sure that it works, and works properly. The fans ought to operate at all speeds, blow cold air and the air-conditioning compressor shouldn't be too rackety. Once you've got checked the air-conditioning, perform similar checks on the van’s heater.


After you start the engine, check for signs of excessive smoke and listen out for any uncommon noises. Also, ensure that starting of the engine isn’t laboured.


Checking the interior of a used Ford van is equally as necessary as checking the outside. after you sit within the van, make sure that the windows and in-car technology perform properly. investigate the dashboard And check no warning lights are illuminated – a lit engine management light may spell potential problems. ensure the seatbelts and locks operate properly. A van isn't road legal without operating seatbelts.


The steering of a second-hand van ought to be responsive, with no free play. If the steering is imprecise, this might indicate an issue that requires at least a tracking check.


When taking used vans out on the roads, locate an open, straight piece of road on that you'll be able to check out the brakes. A brake check can assist you to work out whether or not the brakes have a solid feel and whether or not you stop in a line. During testing the brakes, listen out for squeaking or grinding noises.


When looking at a used Ford van, check the small print of every van against the DVLA’s online information. you must additionally ask to check the service history, with receipts for any work administrated. If you explore for a van through a respectable garage, like Bridgend Ford, you'll be able to rest safe with the information that we are going to perform these checks on your behalf.

For added peace of mind, Bridgend Ford provides free Roadside Assistance with all used vans; if you return for a checkup/service each year we will renew the Roadside Assistance at no cost to yourself. This is our commitment to you that you are protected even if the worst happens.

For more information about our promise to all used van buyers, please click here to read our Used Charter.