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Bridgend Ford Site Upgrades

We are in the process of upgrading our site at Bridgend Ford. These improvements will benefit our staff and customers


Temporary Administration Office

The new addition to the site will accommodate our administration team who will be temporarily based in this office. All services will continue as normal while upgrades are carried out on the site. With the additional space available, we will be able to increase our team and deliver you a better service.

Fast Fit - Transit Centre

The current location of the Fast Fit centre will be relocated and merged into our existing servicing stations. This natural progressions gives us additional space to develop a dedicated Transit Centre showroom for our customers.

Your New Fast Fit Centre

The workshop has been emptied and the tyre racks are in place! We still have a long way to go, but the progress is promising and our team are looking forward to welcoming our loyal customers to our new Fast Fit Centre.

Bridgend Ford Site Progress

Our dealership is undergoing a selection of upgrades and it's time for another update!


Temporary Administration Office

The equipment is in place and we have our new office all set up. The administration team have adjusted brilliantly to their new office and we are back to full capacity in the administration department.

New Transit Centre Progress

Our team has already started removing infrastructure and transporting equipment to our new location for Fast Fit services. We are excited to see how the new space will look once we have our dedicated Transit Centre here.

The New Fast Fit Location

Out with the old, in with the new! - We are in the process of removing the old spray room which will be repurposed to accommodate more MOT testing bays. The additional room will also give our customers increased availability when booking vehicles in for servicing.

Bridgend Ford Site Progress

Our dealership is undergoing a selection of upgrades and it's time for another update!


The Administration Office Is Officially Gone

The office has been taken down to create additional space for our Transit Centre. Expect to seem a selection of our award-winning vehicles displayed in this area.

Cool Upgrades In The Transit Centre

The cranes are in and we have movement! Our old air conditioning system is currently being dismantled and removed. This infrastructure will be repurposed elsewhere in the dealership.