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Driving Test Certificate

Driving Test Changes 2017 - Everything You Need to Know

From December 4th 2017 the structure of a driving test and how a new driver is examined will change in England, Wales and Scotland. With the evolving changes in vehicle technology, The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has stepped in to reduce the number of road traffic incidents in the UK.

New drivers will need to show that they can demonstrate a safe and independent driving style along with following the simple instructions and abiding the laws of the road.

What is changing about the practical test in 2017?

There may be media coverage and there may be a lot of people talking about these changes but rest assured that these changes are not as drastic as you may think. The changes below are only applicable to drivers in a car. At this time, all other vehicles are exempt from these changes. Here are the 4 changes that you need to know:

Independent driving will increase to 20 minutes
You are currently required to drive independently for 10 minutes but in the new tests this will be extended to 20 minutes. The examiner will give you a destination and it will be you to get you there.

Following instructions from a Sat Nav
You will be required to follow the instructions from a Sat Nav which is provided by the person examining you. You will not be examined on whether you follow it incorrectly, but will be examined on how you perform whilst following it. So if you do miss the exit or take a wrong turn, don’t worry, you could still pass.

Reversing manoeuvres changing
Parallel park, bay park or pull up and reverse for 3 car lengths to re-join traffic could be the ones you will be faced with during your test. Gone are the days of ‘turn-in-the-road’ and ‘reverse around a corner’.

Answer a 'show me, tell me' question whilst driving
You will be required to correctly answer two questions related to vehicle safety over the duration of the test.