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Meet Ford's New EcoBlue Engine

Ford's EcoBoost petrol engine family has scooped awards. Now can Ford apply the same success formula to a diesel? We will find out soon enough.

The new 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel will be available in a range of outputs from 99bhp to 237bhp, and will make its debut in the Ford Transit van before being rolled out across certain Ford car models.

Ford’s new EcoBlue diesel engine – what’s the story?

Described by Ford as a ‘clean-sheet’ design, the new engine features a long list of friction-reducing features to help boost efficiency, including:

  • Offset crankshaft by 10mm for reduced piston side-load and therefore reduced rubbing against cylinder walls
  • Smaller-diameter crankshaft bearings
  • Belt-in-oil design for camshaft and oil pump drive belts
  • Intake system with ‘mirror-image’ porting – clockwise airflow for cylinders one and two, anti-clockwise for three and four
  • Low-inertia turbocharger made from materials designed to run at high temperatures
  • High-pressure fuel injection system said to be quieter and more responsive

The engine’s endowed with plenty of low-end torque, says Ford, with 20% more pulling power at 1,250rpm compared with the outgoing 2.2-litre TDCi commercial vehicle diesel engine. It’s also half as noisy at idle than the same 2.2 lump.

Ford's new EcoBlue Engine
Ford's new EcoBlue Engine

Which cars will the new Ford EcoBlue diesel engine go into?

Ford will introduce the new EcoBlue diesel engine to a few vans such as the Transit and Transit Custom with a choice of 103bhp, 128bhp and 168bhp power outputs.

More powerful versions, and a smaller 1.5-litre variant, will later be fitted into Ford passenger cars, although Ford is yet to officially announce which cars and when.