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As much as the Welsh weather makes us question it, summer has arrived. The schools have broken up for their holidays and families are setting off on some well-deserved breaks.

It is becoming more and more popular for us brits to spend our holidays in this country and take to the roads with our loved ones. It is now crucially important that we follow the advice from the leading experts in road safety. Here are our top 5:

1.Set off early but ensure that you are not setting off at a time that you would normally be asleep because this can add risk to your journey.

2.You can’t go wrong with a little goodie back to reward those well behaved children of yours. It could also be worth packing some wet wipes and some spare clothes in case things get a bit too exciting.

3.Car seats are a must for young children. They give your child a comfortable and more importantly, safe ride.

4.Plan your journey in advance, the only thing more stressful than having a grumpy child in the back is being lost with a grumpy child in the back. Don’t be afraid to plan short stops so everyone can stretch their legs and grab a bit of fresh air.

5.The real big one… Be patient. It is important to keep them entertained and remain calm. Playing games is a great way to pass the time and make life a lot more enjoyable while you’re on your journey.

It is also worth mentioning that fuelling your car prior to your journey is a great time saver and can make the journey run a lot smoother.

Sleeping Baby in a Car Seat

Be sure to check your car before any journey but if you are planning a longer one and would like an expert to give you the all-clear, make sure you give our Service Booking line a call on 01656339909.

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